A drop in the Ocean

  • When every politicians were busy in retaining power and money, one noble man was busy thinking about future of nation and youngsters it's none other than Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam Ji. He stood as a drop in the ocean.
  • A drop of nuclear bomb in Hiroshima & Nagasaki by US has got it's effects even today. A single drop has got lots of consequences.
  • Layer upon layer coated by the fluid over a parasite forms a pearl inside the ocean. Every drop has got it's own coerce.
  • Even a drop of red ink get tainted when dropped in a blue ink bottle.
  • After heavy rain,our eyes falls in pure love with dew drops to snapshot it's beauty.
Never cut off one's power with his appearance and status. Tiny and minute things are ubiquitous to fill our happiness. So, every drop must be valued for its worthiness. Even Evan Spiegal CEO of Snapchat denies a drop pointing out the reason of being POOR, but now those poor drops are proving how united and RICH they are to bring famine in his Appland.

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