My Happy List

Is there a human who doesn't want happiness? The word HAPPY punches your hormone to stimulate your cells to secrete the taste of bliss and when you type the word HAPPY your fingers taps to press those words. Happy how beautiful are you?? Can't you stay permanently in my life? Why do you leave me when I'm in trouble? 
But somewhere somehow you make me ecstatic, I thank you for bringing up those titty bitty things in my life 
My happiness list 

  1. Lavender color fills my life
  2. Books carries me to paradise
  3. Craze on Big Size Watches
  4. Voracious finger lick with Paneer recipe
  5. Germination of seeds I planted
  6. Talking myself in a room 
  7. Sleeping with pillows around
  8. Dancing like nutcase
  9. Sniffing books 
  10. Huge crush on Cotton wears
  11. Blessings from strangers
  12. Kiss from my parents
  13. Call from my friends
  14. Incredible snapshots from mobile
  15. Long drive with loved one
  16. Cooking for my brother (food lover)
  17. Playing basketball 
  18. Brushing hair at night 
  19. Dreaming good about my future
  20. Receiving surprise gifts
  21. Helping others 
  22. Listening music with earphones
  23. Watching CG and horror movies
  24. Drinking fresh juices everyday
  25. Babies starring at me 
  26. Visit to temple weekly once
  27. Love to grind fried cashews with my teeth
  28. Drawing rangoli and coloring
  29. Task completion without errors
  30. Sharing foods and snacks
  31. Blasting polythene bags by air filling
  32. Chewing bubble gums 
  33. Cat and dog fight with my brother
  34. Irritating my mother at kitchen
  35. Funny superstitious beliefs
  36. Stepping on staircase no elevator
  37. Applying kohl to my almond eyes
  38. Collecting nose pins and studs
  39. Preordering books online
  40. Trimming my nails every week
  41. Washing my dumped clothes on weekend
  42. Playing in swings
  43. Spending time in malls and restaurants
  44. Cracking crazy jokes
  45. Morning nature watch at terrace
  46. Watching tom&jerry,Popeye,road runner (MISSING A LOT)
  47. Packing baggage for traveling
  48. Filling up my tummy with smacking prawns and fish 
  49. Give away Handmade greeting cards
  50. My cracky crazy laugh 

Thank you Romila @romspeaks for tagging me in the list of happiness activity. Really enjoyed to share my happiness list with all my fellow bloggers.


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