Live As What You Love


The word negative can't be found in my world of language that I speak to others.
My words and tongue just collects nectar from my taste buds to sprinkle honey to my fellow listeners.
You could find negativity at my electric board where it produces type of charges carried by electrons through which I get current from external circuit but never
from an internal circuits. No human can earn a good name with his good deeds,instead they call or brand him with his weaknesses and loss of his life. I never want to grow as gigantic as Goliath in name and fame but want to face all my life hurdles as leonine being good and giving away all my positive vibes towards people. Treatment must be a process, to relieve someone from defect but not to kill them with our power. Just give away kindness in tonnes to the people around you,if it doesn't return you anything no worries as karma's are boomerang with boons.


Geethica Mehra said…
You are absolutely correct in saying that treat others in a way you want to be treated by them
Hey Shraesta,
We are glad to have you in the community. I owe you my respect- Its a task not everyone is good at. It needs practice, patience and capacity. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us at #QuotedStories
Shraesta said…
Thanks geethica 😊
Shraesta said…
Its my pleasure to be a part with you. Thanks for the chance
vishal bheeroo said…
Every word is written beautifully about karma and not being Goliath. This inspiring reflection is about kindness and ethics which I enjoyed reading.
Shraesta said…
Thank you vishal for reading your comments has boosted me up
What a lovely little post, Shraesta! You have written the post with a maturity that comes with experience. Thanks for lining up with #QuotedStories.

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