I was gifted with a limousine car of brand 2017. Before I started to drive I performed some puja rituals and some resolutions were taken to maintain my car without any crashes and dusts. My journey started with my family and friends towards the beautiful place JANUARY. We enjoyed ourselves for 31 days filling up our diaries with nostalgic moments. Then my path was carved towards FEBRUARY with the fragrance of roses. Being single I was invited by the couples for special event known as Valentines Day. I Enjoyed watching all
partying each other with warmth of hugs and kisses. This travel lasted only for 28 days. Right now I have stepped into MARCH with splendid and sordid directions to experience my days. Still I have got 6 more places to reach my birth place OCTOBER to celebrate my birthday. Just got 9 more places to travel with my 2017 with safety,unmindful of breakdowns,lows and highs,summer and winter,deserts and plains,fueling up my tank with confidence, determination and courage. Filling up my tyres with love,talents,fresh air of nature.

At once when I have completed my journey to all 12 places,I just wanna look back at my blots that I have spilled with my hardwork before I get into next new limousine car of brand 2018.

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  1. This is such a wonderful way to look at life and living it to the fullest! May the petrol of laughter fuel your journeys nito the lands of experience!!
    Happy travels!!

    1. Thank you shalz.You have been one of the map to show direction towards my journey ๐Ÿ˜œ

  2. Great post Shraesta. Loved reading it.


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