WOW My Life in 10 Sentences

  • As nails get polished with colors, I polish my life with elegance and love.
  • As spider spins web to catch it's prey,I'm spinned up with friends away from worries.
  • As colourless as water,my heart is colourless for caste,creed,nationality.
  • As pineapple is spiky outside but sweet inside,my external may not attract but my internal cuffs you.
  • As Alice drinks potion to shrink and grow,I shrink and grow during all my lows.
  • As there are 2 trillion ways to feed a lace through eyelets, I have trillion ways to survive my life.
  • As gifts surprises and brings joy,my works bring gleeful moments.
  • As bells chime on winds,I get overjoyed on seeing kids and pet animals.
  • As thread holds crystal beads in necklace, I hold up my pride and passion.
  • As fluffy as mane of lion,I got silky long hair with star sign LEO.
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