Wordy Wednesdays Word Prompt

  This Week: Word Prompts
One morning the Queen of colony peeped out to feel the warmth of orange beam, but she smelt the ethereal along with danger towards their anthill.A male ant ran to the queen and said, "I have an idea your majesty -"In order to stop our colony from being wiped out we have to make life rafts".Then, he educated them with his saucy tackle to trail pheromones to communicate with their colony and save their lives. They all clipped themselves together and formed a raft and safely flowed through the jungle.The tiny head lacking in size yet equipped with extraordinary brain to explore and overcome the obstacles became a hero. The Queen appreciated and fell in love for smarty epiphany works of the male ant.

I m writing this post for Wordy Wednesdays word prompt linking to #BarWoWe  @blogarhythm


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