Want To Be Myself Not A CopyCat

              #JUSTBEINGME Campaign

Look at the word,how blissful it pops out my craziness.This word suits me to the current life I'm leading.I prefer to explore the most constant and crystallized moments. It's always boring to be likeheaded,so I wanna jump into pool of nectar,so that one day bee of opportunities would suck me to highly expensive honey🐝Others may share my talents and skill but no one is identical to me.People have turned so 'brainy' these days it is no wonder that when words become stale and notion becomes predictable, so called talent flies out of window.

All this said,I'm a woman and so I still love handwritten notes,handmade gifts,warm hugs,sweet siestas,smell of camphor and fuels,sleeping with three pillows, a talk to myself,hating canned juices,coffee with me on winter afternoon.

Trust yourself embrace with your piece of heart with open arms and portray the emotions, oozing out of your brain and share to the world.Don't value people behind you, worth your shadow that never betrays you.

Want to be a Idiosyncratic in my writing and reading, including all works that I wanna sparkle.🌌🌌🌌


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