I Envy 
When I see babies,away from worries

When I see dark sky,switching on

When I see Sundays,making everyone happy

When I see green signal,to continue my journey

When I see dice,thrown out for spotting chances

When I see peacock,dancing in rain

When I see pen shedding their blue blood for writers

When I see clock dial,chasing each other for 24*7

When I see old couple,holding each others hand

When I see library,stacked up with books 

There are both living and non living
things,that I envy at their lifestyle who spread happiness sacrificing their lives.


Spell bound by your post , magical words
different take on envy Thanks for joining on #ClickandBlogAstory Linky
Shraesta said…
Thank you doc for your comments. I'm loving every week prompt😊
your poem is good and it is indeed so true!
Geethica Mehra said…
very true. We all envy something or somebody at a point in our life. Very good poetry
Shraesta said…
Thank you for commenting,happy that you loved it 😊
Shraesta said…
Thanks geethica
Yes just wanna make poetry gravy with envy 😜
Dipika said…
Such a nice take on Envy.... super envious to read your extremely beautiful poem 😉😉

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