Birth Of Love Uber


 I flew to and fro in wanderance of nobility of soul
Got a sight over pattern of green garden with blue drops of sea by earth's magnetic field 
Red giant sun's beam fused in every creature emitted natural colors 
All earthlings stood up with their robustness 
Beckoned me to reproduce their next bloom 
Before reaching their doom
I spreaded my happiness and joyous through my waggle dance
I shattered into pieces, scattered through serene hustle of wind
Pollinated in every beautiful species as sweet as nectar
My scent appealed every soul to lead an expanse of clear sky.
Hurray!  Love is born to the world to embrace oneself to reach my paradise. 
No I m not an UFO, I m an ILU 
Identified Love Uber
Just a wake up feel, I rush out to spread my scent of LOVE words

I LOVE YOU. . . 💞
I m writing this post for #clickandblogastory link for the prompt "Love" sharing with @dewcool and @slimexpectations


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