WHY cry of hairs

I’m born inside the water world. 

Day by day I grew in a bald ground. 

I’m much tender and tranquil, 

When my ground expands I too Expand my population 

Without me no beings can look good and charming. MIND IT! 

Girls love my growth and regularly bathes me, I feel more happy when I am with this gender. 

As, the world swirls up as modern and trendy they color me, iron me, harm me, rub me using foams and froths. 

They spray fragrance which makes me dried up and sick. 

They even whip me, whirl me, swap me to their need !Grrr! 

They change my complexion and tone using gels, sprays and dyes.! Ufff! 

People tonsure me in name of god, and lots more. 

I face trouble and pain which you terrific people can’t understand forever. 

Years, pass on I get older color of grey, I fall and flow through air, decay and die under dusty land printed with footpaths of our foes. 

   . . Is this a life?

           Did you find who am I?

           WHY? WHY? Leave us Naturally we make you more adorable. 


                The head of hair committee 

I m writing this post to #Blogchatter for prompt ‘WHY’


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