Warm Blood

Warmth, What a great feel. When sun rises, it brings sweet orange beams to warmth my pores of skin.Early morning hug with my family members keeps me toasty.For me, warmth is not physical it is an emotional feel. 
Every morning my mom prepares yummy food for breakfast as well lunch for my school.Alongside she prepares food for murder of crows cawing up in our terrace.This has been a tradition in our family for years. I used to sit in a couch nearby the window to watch over each and every crow enjoying their meal. Warmth cascades around me on seeing those black velvet birds. I would hear my dad shuffling the newspaper, smell of dad's tea lingered throughout the house is an alarm for me to rush to my school.Even today it's a very pleasant feel.Next, our senior member of our family, my grandpa who waters all plants every morning after a small walk accompanied with the warmth of nature. 
Always my walk to school is accomplished with some magically warm moments, Yes I would touch everyone's feet and a tight hug with warm kisses on my forehead.Yes, love surrounds me feeling it's pulsing warmth enveloping me like a electric blanket.As our hearts meet a fire burns within melting away my fears.This comfort, only my family arms can give.
At night after my homeworks completed, fun chat with my family at the dine then dropping down my coldness realising how the day went and save some sacred store of warmth. In the midst of this cold world, with all of it's care and woe, I'm blessed with my family caring warmth and basking in love glow.
We are a family stick together like peas in a pod.  

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