The only divine soul who sets my puzzles everyday. My mother
is a wonder woman who dedicates
her life to three souls.Dad,me and my brother.She is strong and most prettiest woman I know
Always mother's day hold a
special place in my heart because I love making handmade gifts.When I started writing this post it was all about my strong mom who have fought loss of her first child. Those pain faced by mom is ineffable.No matter how old I become she is always my oberon who fulfills my wishes.I always share whisked loved with her that gives us a special bond of chemical reactions.MyMom's 
love is contagious and 
unconditional. This post made me nostalgic,I m gonna plunder
her candy kisses for me right after posting this blog😁.I 
believe that my mother and god are partners in building my body with 206 bones,service, sacrifice,love.My eternal love is always my mom. 


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