Nature Surprises You

Rain  Rain  Rain
Please ease our souls and bring down drops of happiness 
Death here and there but I don't care
As a little girl, I worry about my bulbs of onion in clusters coughing with thirst-quenching  throat 
Bare it no more, blood must be spilled
Eternal fight between nature and human can never be won. 
No more time to wait, nothing seems to save us for years. 
As usual my good night kisses to my famine land and remnant beings.
Exotica Exotica exclaimed everyone 
My palms frosted with cool breeze, petrichor waked up my hormones to secrete happiness. 
Atlast a real rain after years. 
Strong and mad beating down the sickness so deep. 
Washing away fear and wail 
I can hear crystal clear drops
But I wonder why so long but today? Was it my prayers? 
Clouds are pouring, down here people are crying. 
Serendipity has serenely ended our pity. 
Stay close to nature,it will never fail you. 

I m writing this post to #Blogchatter for the prompt Serendipity. 


  1. 'Stay close to nature, it will never fail you' I totally believe in these lines. True belief always pays

    1. Thank u geethica ma'am for reading my post


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