For me 2016 was an Yin Yang experience.

  Let me welcome my year 2017 with glee and a dance.
  Yes,I wanna build and play with 12 dominoes of 2017.
  I believe this new year is gonna drag me into cloud nine.
  To be candid I've never made resolutions in my lifetime.
  But my mom portrays instead of me in making resolutions
  during my childhood days.Those BOREDOM resolutions

  • Brushing my teeth twice
  • Early to sleep,Early to rise
  • Eat healthy and nutritious foods
  • Say no to Idiot Box
  After my puberty my mom's resolutions for me were:

  • No late night hangouts with friends
  • No chats and phone calls
  • No more bunk for colleges with catchy slogans saying I got fever,stomach aches.
  • No to video games,fb,whatsapp,instagram...               

  Hahaaa yes I followed all those only for 5 to 6 days.But I miss those chuckle some resolutions for me by mom Now I am full fledged So, I have chosen the word  IDIOSYNCRASY.

  I prefer to explore the most constant and crystallized moments My belief is that 
 everybody has their own idiosyncrasies to accomplish their job in life.It's always 
 boring to be like headed so I wanna be alone to develop idiosyncrasy that makes
 me interesting.I admire at Albert Einstein who dared to be different from everyone
 else.Others may share my talents and skills but there is no one identical to me.
 Why should I concern on others what they think about me?So, I am gonna celebrate
 my  idiosyncrasy not worry about what others think.It's better to be nerd than one
 of  the herd. Today,is a new day to seize the wonder and uniqueness throughout this
 year of 365 days.I want to move my life into  the direction I want to go. So yes I
 wanna march to a different drummer in 2017.I wanna be a IDIOSYNCRASY.

  Wishing everyone a very happy zappy New Year 2017.

   I am writing this post and linking up for word of the year
   by Laurel Regan @alphabetsalad
   New year prompt by BlogChatter 


  1. Such a great approach to the year, to celebrate exactly who you are! Happy New Year and all the best in 2017!

  2. Thank u soo much LAUREL!Wishing u a very happy and prosperous new year

  3. A most unusual word for a WOTY, I think, but why not? It is those who are different that enrich our world. Happy New Year to you! Alana

  4. Thank u so much Wishing u too a very happy and prosperous new year Alana 💐


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