Happy with my senses

                    I'M HAPPY TO LEAD 

Think of this feel as a lighthouse beam on night's darkness . It is dependent on status, race and creed. It is for all people of all times and places. I myself a firm believer that my inner crazy happiness and liberty exists on five senses. 

  • Sight
  • Hear
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Touch

  May you have warmth  in your             igloo,oil in your lamp and peace in       your heart! 
                                -Eskimo proverb
          I see colours, shape, nature,words,   symbols lot more through 
             my almond eyes, 
   embracing a serene tone.
   Yes I see Happiness through this 
   What more needed to keep my                  eyelashes stronger for mascarra. 

           Music, tune, whistle, chant,                  whisper, resonant, echoes, sneeze,   snore lot more travels detecting through           through radars to my fox ears.
             Yes, I hear happiness. 
     What more needed to soften my ear                 lobe for diamond studs. 

           As the waves of  perfume, aroma,       petrichor, fruity, floral flows in         life when no hurricanes blows,
           brings nostalgic pleasure and                    happiness.What more needed
           for my aquiline nose to inhale? 

           Nothing can benefit my health                  and Happiness for survival on 
           earth as much as the 
                   Taste Of Food. 
           What more needed for tiny buds     in my long pink ribbon. 

            Fine art is one's hand touch                which solves mystery and emotions .  Tender and tranquil care is valuable                      element in healing. 
      What more needed for my physique       constructed with 206 bones. 

Certain times I seem to get lost in bog of future thinking and forget about being present. And I know that when I m in moment , being creative, walking in nature, cooking, falling in love, hearing songs and simply I'm not worrying about that elusive future that doesn't exist. 

Happily, I'm writing this post to #Blogchatter 
Prompt Because I'm Happy


  1. Great writing.Just a suggestion, you have to make the post more aesthetic for the reader to read

  2. Ya thank you for suggesting. I will


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