Go for a walk

                             Go For a Walk

It's very important to take sometime to switch off your gadgets and walk in nature. Don't lift too much pressure on you to go for long walk. Just a few minutes of walk awakens your senses to feel "Shit! I poorly wasted all my lifetime without plugging in my foots to the earth to recharge my heart battery. I promise there is something enriching and serene about walking . We are all used to walk looking down at our phones, that we forget to look above us. 
Watch the clouds, cirrus , birds, lovely people around, stare at the stars, poetic greenish trees, chirping birds, fragrance of flowers and fruits I m sure your inner child emerges out . 

Nature is all we want. Love nature in return it nurtures you incredibly. 
Let's breathe pure air for our future pillars. 

I'm writing this post for #UltimateBlogChallenge Day9


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