Here comes the day for SANTA PAPA SANTA PAPA  on 25th December Sunday.
It's a huge maazaa for all Professionals,Students,employees out there
We people love Sundays. That to festive Sunday. Day of the week in which we
people have all fun,bombarding hiccups and kick ups,Outings to get Outfits,
Spa to get rid of Spasm,Brunch with besties,Shopaholic,bookaholic,chocoholic to alcoholic
Theaters to treats,Moving to Pubs as Cubs to glance Chicks,Beaches without Breaches
Parks with Perks,Meticulous malls for enjoyment these modes in full status.
Every festivals have lotsa dhoom and mazaq on that particular week but on that
festive day no one comes out to rejoice.Same with christmas this year  for me wherever
I turn around my head as robot I could stare only Christmas Trees ,Cakes,
Santa Claus mannequin welcoming everyone  🎄at malls,shops.
All bakeries are filled up like fruit flies in fruits.Audios of same jingle
bells,white Christmas,carnival ride.Uff I was little fed up and loved it any way
so I took out my mobile and here comes the same Santa Papa odor all DP's in whatsapp,
facebook insta alll..Sending  forward messages with christmas and New Years eve.Lastly
the lines stagnantly I m the  first to wish you New year eve.What is your resolutions??
Really it's a Thug Life.But I love Christmas  for these

  • 🎄Christmas conifer Tree with electrified lights,bells,socks,snow flakes,balls.
  • 🎄Mythological Santa Claus with gifts riding on Reindeer on                                    sleighs.
  • 🎄Give Away gifts through chimneys.
  • 🎄Carols and Jingle Bells
  • 🎄Cakes,IceCreams
  • 🎄Online shopping offers and contest to win prizes, gifts.
  • 🎄Eagerly waiting Santa Claus  PAPA's presents.
  • 🎄Burst out tummy given by besties.


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