Interview With Celeb Blogger👩

It's time for an interview! I love interviewing Celebrity Bloggers because it gives a chance to learn and aspire. Here I have interviewed one such blogger whom I have got impressed upon her Words,Style,
Courage,Writing and Intellect.

About the Celeb Blogger:

She is an Interior Designer,
Photographer, travel freak, a blogger
and a mad hoarder of stationary and butterflies more than that she has got mammoth sized crush on SRK. She is none other than 
A Huge Shout Out to 📣
                🌿 SHALINI BAISIWALA 🌿

Who blogs on Her journey for blogging begun with letter writing hobby as a kid and now a serious blogger. She loves to read fantasy fiction. A day dreamer who loves to sip a good wine to add flavors and essence to her strong goals.

She has taken time off her busy schedule to answer my quirky questions to engage in conversation with me. 

As a token of gratitude, I would like to bundle up my thankfulness for her patience and love. Thank you SHALZ.

QN: 1)What would be your autobiography  called?                                    

 Shalzmojo came about from two things - Peeps fondly  call me Shalz and I love to do my thing (mojo - J is pronounced as H) Mojo means influence or magic power and I believe my mojo lets me live my life to the fullest!!

QN: About you in 5 Bollywood movie titles?

SHALINI:  1. Kal ho na ho - I believe in live and let live for we dont know what tomorrow holds for us
     2. Lamhe - I daydream of being in love with someone (very) mature and self possessed like the protagonist in this story
     3. Tamasha - I believe it could have been the story of my life till the creative me emerged and was allowed to blossom
      ( Sorry, cant think of anymore......)

QN: Describe women in 3 sentences? 

SHALINI: Women take tasks/work/chores very seriously and give it all of their heart and honesty.  They are compassionate beings, easy to forgive and make up and move on. Their never-say-die spirit also shows the immense resilience to face anything and everything with a lot of gumption.

QN: Given chance to play for Indian  Olympics. Which game would you choose?

SHALINI:  Scrabble but dont think thats yet a part of the Olympics ;-)

QN:  What would your pet say about you asked for a reference?

SHALINI: Control freak human who is anal about cleanliness but loves me to death, unconditionally!

QN: Recent funniest incident that made you laugh out loud?

SHALINI: Its not recent, but a persistent question that I hear most often and it always makes me laugh! 
"You live alone? Dont you feel scared?"
I just cant understand the shock that peeps (men & women, alike) express to hear this. Maybe I am being insensitive but living alone has nothing to do with feeling scared - its not a  horror movie or unpleasant circumstances all day, everyday. 

QN: What do you love and hate during travel?

SHALINI: Love the new places, people and exploring local cuisine! Best is to stay with a local family and then eat with them while exchanging tid bits of their daily life, recommendations for things to do and eat.....Hate it when I have pesky people peppering me to buy something or take a service- whether I want it or not. Like the infamous dilli ke autowallahs who buzz around the  exiting passengers, engulfing them in noxious Body odour and endless badgering!

QN: Recommend new food and places that one should enjoy before saying goodbye to this world?

SHALINI:  I dont know about new food but amongst the existing ones I feel peeps must enjoy Malabari cuisine once in their life. Travel - its a huge world out there but I feel Hampi in one incredible place to visit. Its got some of the most exquisite architecture and remains, atleast in India, that are steeped in history and beauty!

QN: Asked to invent appliances for women.What would you invent and why?

SHALINI:  I think women need a big boost of confidence in their day to day life and I would love to see an app/gadget that just injects a shot of it in them when they need it the most. Kinda like the Felix Felicis in Harry Potter.....

QN: Finally, how was my interview??

SHALINI: I dont think I have ever been interviewed like this and some of these questions really made me think hard to come up with interesting but honest answers. Very creative questions Shraesta and I hope I could do them justice. I am extrememly flattered to be invited for this. Thank you for the opportunity!

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6 


  1. Thanks so much for inviting me for this interview. I am so very flattered!!! Cheers

  2. That was a good interview. Got to more about Shalini. :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Cool interview of a very cool person. 👍

  4. Now we know a little more about Shalini and her mojo.

  5. Loved knowing more about Shalz and loved every bit!
    More power to both of you:) loved the questions too!

  6. Very cool interview. Really nice unique questions! I am definitely stealing some of them :)

  7. A lovely interview. The questions are very good. Loved the one about movies and pet reference! Fun read :)

  8. Shalu Sharma Rathod4 September 2017 at 23:46

    My friends call me Shals / Shalz too. It feels so good to have at least one thing in common with this inspiring lady. We all read the articles & blogs of these awesome bloggers but it's good to get to read about them also sometimes.


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