Out Of My Comfort Zone

Everyone is assigned with the bed of comfort zone in their life to sleep under their passion. During the sleep one cannot predict or trust on, dreams to reach a destination. If I want to succeed with help of my comfort zone,I can win but never brings happiness in future. If I choose to explore and create something new to the world throwing out my comfort zone, I learn a lot in abundance,I could see,hear,feel,taste every bit of thrill and pain throughout the journey to reach my destination. Out of my comfort zone always boosts and encourages me to run,run unmindful of failures and

There is a problem in India every youngsters face after completing their Engineering courses. Unemployment plays a main role in our youth society where every student follows one another in a queue to jump on Engineering colleges. These mistakes are made by parents who push their children to Engineering,unmindful of their children's wishes and talents. Parents make mistakes by pulling their kids towards their comfort zone.

Comfort zone always grinds the same corn into flour, again and again we have to heat up ourselves to flame out our talents and skill, jumping out of our mirage of illusion the comfort zone.

Comfort is a fort were we stay cool in a same place without knowing the outside world. It always brings us fear,discourage,weakness not allowing us to reach our horizon. Just break down the zone and move independently  in search of your summit and shout out your name. Life is to taste all flavors don't waste by growing under shadow of comfort zone,bask under the sun to get vitamins to get a vital role to lead yourself to Bravery.

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  1. so true... only we have to keep lighting our own fire to get out of our comfort zone - it beckons us with the promise of 'aaram' :)
    Ishieta @Isheeria's


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